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Fusight Technology Ltd is a company that specialises in technology solutions and business consultancy.

The company is privately owned and was established in 1995. We are a lean organisation with a wide range of technical and business skills. In particular, we have many years of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) consultancy and business process re-engineering experience.

The business world has changed enormously over the past decade. The game changer has been the explosion of technology and the idea of web services delivered through "the cloud".

Our product is a service delivered through the cloud to hotel businesses. What identifies the service as unique is the combination of a wide range of services all under one system. We have found that many hotels put a lot of effort in the reservations part of their business whilst perhaps not paying sufficient attention to customer service and efficient operational hotel management.

Our service encapsulates all the important business areas, of sales, marketing, customer care, reporting and business management.

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